The latest news in project ‘NEPTUNES’

Project NEPTUNES has officially started!

The Project Board had a nice and productive meeting in Hamburg. The Project Board members and Resonance Group started with the first deliverable in order to get more insight in the scope, nature and cause of noise pollution and effective measure. More info will follow...

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Project NEPTUNES finilized the inventory

Project NEPTUNES finilized the inventory on what the available knowledge and bottlenecks are around noise from seagoing vessels at berth at the various ports joining the project. Based on these outcomes and the expertice of multiple noise experts we had a productive...

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The Project Board meeting in Malmö

The Project Board met in Malmö this time. Petra from the Malmo Copenhagen Port has kindly welcomed us and organized a productive and fruitfull meeting. During the meeting we decided upon the outlines for the Best Practice Guide and a couple of Noise Consultants, who...

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The Project Board meetin in Cork

The fourth and last meeting has taken place in Cork. The port authority warmly welcomed us and showed us around in their Board room and organized a boat tour to see their ports and the noise issues they are dealing with. During our last meeting we shared our...

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Preperation of the NEPTUNES conference

We are busy with the preperation of the NEPTUNES conference. During this conference we present our findings and deliverables and organize interactive panel discussions and workshops in order to see how NEPTUNES can help you or how you can help improving NEPTUNES. More...

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